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About Lyocell Fabric

The lyocell fabric is made of cellulose from wood pulp from eucalyptus trees or beech trees: natural materials.

The chemicals used to liquefy wood chips are fully recycled. Because of this, no harmful substances end up in nature. The water used during the production of lyocell is also being reused.

That means: less water consumption, fewer chemicals and fewer emissions.

This fabric is not only good for our planet, but also for humans. Besides being sustainable, lyocell is also beautiful, pleasant to wear and pleasant to work with. It is a supple, strong fabric that is extremely versatile. For example, you can use lyocell as an alternative for suede, wool, silk blends and even denim.

But those are not the only benefits of lyocell clothing! Because the fabric ventilates well, the heat from the body can easily pass through the fabric. As a result, it does not remain locked up and there is less bacterial growth. The consequence? No unpleasant smells from, for example, sweat.

Because lyocell is made of wood, the fabric can absorb moisture well. Your lyocell clothing will dry super-fast. Ideal for your next summer collection.

Wash and iron lyocell

In principle, lyocell clothes can simply be washed in the washing machine, although hand washing is preferred.

Are you going for hand washing? Then use a fine detergent and cold water. Do not wring out the material, but squeeze out excess water to prevent damage.

Washing in the machine? Then use a washing program for delicates at a low temperature and a low speed. The fabric is sensitive, so be careful!

Because lyocell is quite resistant to creasing, you hardly have to use an iron after drying in the dryer. You prefer to use a clothing steamer to ‘iron’ lyocell clothing items. Don’t you have these? Then use a steam iron above the clothes (not directly on it). With a normal iron you can iron any wrinkles out of the fabric at an average temperature.