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Comfort Like Never Before

Pioneered in the year 2015, IC4 is now an enduring innerwear brand image which works for quality, comfort, and style thereby meeting consumers’ core requirements. It continues to march along with innovative styles and gains consumers’ confidence over a period of years. Currently, headquartered
in Mumbai, IC4 works on the principle of Make in India.

With well-trained staff and a passionate team, IC4 offers a wide range of innerwear products for men, women, boys, and girls coupled with divergent choices from simple to stylish. A complete one-stop solution from casual wear to leisure and for special occasions too!!

Our Goal

Unmatched fabric that let your skin breathe. Wearable in all seasons and for all reasons!
Fits in well and proudly you can tell!
Felicitous for all age group with respect to their specific requirements.
Affordable to all sections of people thereby increasing our footprints in different locations.

With vast and varied collections distributed across all different sections, IC4 has several other exciting products and offers in the pipeline which paves a way for a promising future of the company in the coming years.

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